Journal Creation Workshop

For those that just can't find that exact thing they're looking for... create what you need yourself!

What you need

- 1 hour for the video tutorial walkthrough plus whatever additional time you need to learn the systems and complete your project
- Basic computer and software knowledge and ability to follow along with a video walkthrough
- Accounts with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and Canva (free version will work)

What you get

- A start to finish process that will walk you through how to create a journal, planner, or whatever you would like to create
- Instruction on how to use Canva, a PDF converter program and Amazon KDP platform to publish your item
- A tutorial on publishing a product you will be able to use and even sell

Use code "meplease" at checkout to receive $10 off!

What they're saying

Use code "meplease" at checkout to receive $10 off!


Use code "meplease" at checkout to receive $10 off!